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Diabe 250 Tablet

Diabe 250 is a U.S. patent awarded medicine for diabetes patients. Now maintain healthy sugar levels in the diabetics with this reliable and groundbreaking Ayurvedic formulation. Diabe 250 has been prepared after extensive research and clinical trials by a team of experts at CSIR-IIIM for over 10 years.

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Information about Diabe 250 Tablet:

Diabe 250 is a U.S. patent awarded anti-diabetic ayurvedic formulation. It helps maintain healthy sugar levels for diabetes patients. It has been researched and conceptualized by an expert team at CSIR-IIIM and comes after a clinically proven research of over 10 years.

Diabe 250 has over a dozen highly important herbs, some of which are:

1. Vidanga: Scientifically known as Embelia Ribes, Vidanga is known to effectively work on medha dhatu and helps reduce the diabetic condition.

2. Gorakh Buti: Also known as Kapuri Jadi, Aerva lanata has powerful antihyperglycemic which helps lower the glucose levels.

3. Raj Patha: Known as Cyclea peltata, Raj Patha helps in blood purification and brain enhancement.

4. Vairi- Also known as Peetika or Salacia oblonga, it improves lipid profile and reduces cholesterol.

5. Lajalu: Scientifically known as Biophytum sensitivum, it has antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Diabe 250:

  • Helps control sugar level round the clock
  • Promotes improved sleep, good bowel movement 
  • Cleanses the body of harmful endotoxins.
  • Regulates the glucose homeostasis
  • Helps reduce the diabetic complications
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Works as an antioxidant

Use under Medical Supervision

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